We Sell Everything! From Glassware and Silverware, Furniture and Art, Vintage Items And Antiques, Tools And Electronics, Jewelry to Cars and RV’s .

 For over two decades, we specialized in antiques and rare books online sales. We were also able to provide additional services such as appraisals for Trusts Executors and Estate Attorney. While doing appraisals, we realized how important is to transition ourselves into contemporary and mid-century furniture, fine art, collectibles, jewelry, rugs and more. 

As the demand grew, Adrian and Alice opened their first company, Erlich, Kramer & Associates Antiquarians, LLC and under its umbrella, their first Estate Sales company named California Estate Liquidators. In 2012, the couple founded their second company, Trove Auctioneers whose focus was to provide their customers another channel to sell their estates online.   Eventually, we merged the two companies into one company, that is California Estate Liquidators & Auctioneers. This allows you, our customer, to choose what is best for you: having an Estate Sale on premises or an auction. We will guide you each step on the pros and cons for each alternative.

Our staff has over 63 years combined of experience in appraisals and evaluation and we became very competitive in the market place due to our recognized knowledge, trustworthiness, customers service and competitive fees. Our staff attends regularly sessions with our piers and is up to date with the latest changes in IRS rules required to know when we liquidate a Trust. So, you can TRUST US!

Deciding for personal items after a loved one has passed away or when you’re downsizing or relocating can be overwhelming, so enlist the expert team of California Estate Liquidators & Auctioneers to help eliminate some of the stress today. Call 818-441-2031.

Sometimes, people question themselves! Shall I do a yard sale? Donate everything to a Charity? We always advise our Customers to first chat with us in order to determine what is the best way to liquidate an estate. Another question which pops-up is how do I maintain my privacy? With us, you have the option of having an estate sale on premises or an auction! We will sit down with you and go over the pros and cons of each option.
Call 818-441-2031.

Should I Hire a Professional Estate Sale Company? 

If there may be valuables in the home you are liquidating you want to be sure that you are getting the value deserved for them, especially for artwork, antiques, jewelry, and glassware. Hiring a professional appraiser will allow for an informed estate sale. Having a professionally organized estate sale will also keep you on a timeline so things will get done in a timely fashion. So, while a yard sale could seem like an easier or cheaper option, be reminded that yard sale go-errs are looking for cheap buys and steals. An expert estate liquidator will get the more value for your items and get the job done in a timely fashion. Call 818-441-2031.

Guaranteed extensive visibility for your Estate Sale :

The professionally trained staff from California Estate Liquidators & Auctioneers will come to your home for a FREE consultation, evaluate your valuables, set a date for your sale (upon agreement) and then start advertising immediately. Estate sales can run from one to three consecutive days and are available on site and online.

Specialized services:

Give yourself peace-of-mind knowing your precious and unique pieces will be properly assessed! California Estate Liquidators & Auctioneers team has extensive background in:

  • Antiques jewelry
  • Home furnishings and rugs
  • Period and Mid-Century furniture
  • Gold and silver
  • Musical instruments
  • Art and collectibles
  • Vintage toys

Trust in our estate liquidation experience:

With 63+ years of combined experience, you can rest assured you’ll receive excellent and professional assistance when you work with California Estate Liquidators & Auctioneers. Take advantage of additional services such as estate buyouts and estate clean outs to help you throughout the entire process. California Estate Liquidators & Auctioneers even specializes in homes that are excessively packed from the attic to the basement!

Estate Auctions

When you are interested in estate auctions, the only way you could benefit from a professional approach would be to hire specialists that can meet your needs. You may own a treasure without knowing it. Why consider giving it away or selling it for pennies when you could have experts handle everything for you? We are talking about the option of relying on our team, which does not only have decades of experience, but also knows how to make an appraisal. This is how you can find out exactly how much your items are worth and get to the point where everything is sold and you get paid. It is a simple, yet elegant solution in a number of situations where you simply want to make sure that you have your belongings sold to the highest bidder. These auctions take place online and every single step from appraising, to taking photos and actually selling your items will be tasks for our team. You just get in touch with us and we will be sure to do the rest.

Estate Buyouts:

 If you would prefer to sidestep an estate sale or perhaps live in a smaller residence, such as an apartment or condo, California Estate Liquidators & Auctioneers, can buy your personal property from a single item to a complete home.

Don’t stress the details:

Relocating, downsizing and just general removal of an entire residence worth of property can be daunting. So, let the experts with over 63+ years of experience deal with it for you!  From FREE appraisals and estate sales to estate clean outs, California Estate Liquidators & Auctioneers. will help streamline the entire process for you. So BEFORE YOU DUMP ANYTHING. CALL: 818-441-2031

Estate Cleanout:

Don’t break your back trying to move heavy furniture! From a single room to an entire home, California Estate Liquidators & Auctioneers offers complete clean out services so you can rest assured your home will be ready for the real estate market. Our services will require an additional fee!

Efficient and comprehensive estate clean out options:

Whether you reside out-of-state or would simply prefer the professionals clean out your loved one’s estate, California  Estate Liquidators & Auctioneers will provide a reliable team of experts and can even facilitate donation transportation for you.