The Benefit of Mixing Antiques into your Home Decor

The Benefit of Mixing Antiques into your Home Decor

When stepping foot into someone’s home, it is amazing how their personal style can be revealed and reflected throughout the house. Whether this personal style has taken shape in the form of furniture, pictures, accessories or colors – it definitely does create a unique atmosphere that is all their own and an expression of their personal taste.

There are many approaches that a person may choose to decorate their home and often times this involves going to a ‘big box’ type store, such as Home Depot or Ikea to purchase a variety of items that will essentially make a home feel more complete. However, there are other methods of setting your home apart from other homes and one such avenue that can provide you with an opportunity to transform your home into something truly special, is the addition of antiquities. In fact, purchasing items that reflect an earlier time period can benefit your home decor in rooms ranging from the the living room, the bedroom and even highlighting such rooms as a home office or den.

The Living Room





Regardless of the size of your living room, there are endless possibilities of antique pieces that can be included to give your living room the touch you may prefer. Sofas and chairs from different eras are a very good place to start. Should you wish to keep your modern couches and chairs a living room-staple, you can pair them with antique tables and even smaller items such as candle sticks, vases, lamps, porcelain figurines and books. The living room is also a perfect setting for antique musical instruments, such as pianos – which can add the air of refinement to any space.

The Bedroom


The bedroom is another pivotal room that can hold many interesting antiquities. When looking for furniture such as dressers and bedside tables, instead of going with the typical modern styles, why not look for pieces that can serve the same purpose, however can do so with more elegance and unique detail. While many of us know that choosing the right bed requires some additional consideration, out first choice may not necessarily include an antique bed. In all actually, if it is your goal to create an antique feel in your bedroom, selecting a traditional antique headboard and pairing it with a new mattress and bed frame can still provide all of the comfort you will need. Lastly, the inclusion of items such as a makeup vanity or a beautiful antique mirror can also provide the finishing touches on any sleeping quarters.

The Den


Another space that can also be transformed into an antiquities-haven is a den or a home office. Matching a distinguished wooden desk with a more modern chair can be a wonderful way to set the tone for these rooms. The addition of antique filing cabinets and bookcases can also add to the feel of the room, without taking away from the organization and functionality. Again, paintings, lamps, and other pieces of the past, strategically placed amongst your modern furnishings can create a sense of nostalgia and enjoyment.

As you can see, finding a balance between modern and antique furnishings can be a unique and decorative way of sprucing up your overall living environment. If you are new to the idea of integrating antiques into your home decor, you can participate in one of our online auctions to find that perfect antique for your home. Regardless of your choice, you’ll get expert advice about acquiring rare and historical pieces.