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Organizing a yard sale or actually trying to auction your items can be quite the hassle. The entire process can become too overwhelming, too fast, which is the exact situation that will make you go along with lower prices – just so that you can finalize everything. It does not matter if you are looking to sell your current home because you are moving into a smaller one or you want to remove all the belongings of a loved one from their estate due to the fact that they have passed – it is more challenging than you can imagine.

There is no reason why you should try to do all this on your own when you could rely on California Estate Liquidators & Auctioneers, as we are a team of specialists that don’t just have decades of experience with estate sales or liquidation, but will also propose a solution that is perfectly suitable for you. Each case is different, which is why we prefer having an initial consultation where we discuss the important details and agree on the steps that will follow shortly after.

Estate sale

When you are faced with the decision of having an estate sale, you first thought may be that you can handle it. However, when you begin making a list of the items you are trying to sell or auction, the situation becomes quite clear: there are too many valuables, even items that have a sentimental value, for which you cannot seem to set a price. Fortunately, we have just the right option for you – leave all of this in our more than capable hands. We specialize in helping our clients sell the items they desire from an estate. We either buy them ourselves once we agree on a price or we auction the items on our website. You don’t have to make any quick decision without knowing exactly which of these solutions entail.

Estate buyout

The easiest way of ensuring that you will no longer have to worry about removing any of the items you would like to sell from your property would be to opt for estate buyout. This is the option that allows you to take care of everything with our help. Our team is more than prepared to ensure that this whole transition is going to be easy on you, regardless if we are talking about benefiting from all the answers you might require before making any final decisions or about getting paid for the items you have sold. We will meet with you and appraise every single one of the items one the estate before providing you with a final price. This initial conversation regarding an estate buyout can help you find the ideal solution for a situation that would have otherwise required you to go through all sorts of stages, each with its own complications.

Estate liquidation

This could be perceived as a more complex solution as long as you decide to rely on our expertise and sell all the items from your property to us and then benefit from a cleanout service. Of course, this cleanout service would require us to talk about an additional fee. The silver lining with estate liquidation would be the fact that we handle everything from getting your items appraised to leaving your residence empty and clean, ready for the realtor. When you want to sell your property and are unsure whether the buyers would be interested in the items you have there or not, it would be more efficient to work with professionals that can give you exact numbers. This way, you know where you stand before you choose how you are going to deal with this situation.

Estate auctions

Maybe you are interested in selling a few items of value to specialists that can appraise them and offer you a clearer perspective. This is yet another situation in which you could count on us: estate auctions. We will meet with you, take a closer look at the belongings (jewelry, antiques, books and so on) and tell you what sort of offers you should expect. Once we agree on the details, we will take photographs and begin advertising the items on our website.

We pride ourselves in offering a complete service that includes guidance, a high level of professionalism and an experienced approach. Be it estate liquidation or estate auctions, our team can meet your needs. We are more than happy to always present the advantages and disadvantages of each option before we guide you towards the solution that will help you benefit from the desired outcome.



Great experience with Trove Auctioneers!

The item was as described and better at a great price. Excellent service.


I was impressed with Trove Auctioneers professionalism.

The even helped find the best shipper at a reasonable price. Go Trove Auctioneers.


The painting was in very good conditions, as described and the shipping reasonable.

Trove Auctioneers kept their promise to provide the best Customer Service.

Jules Hoffman

I had a number of assorted items I needed to part with, and Adrian took care of everything for me from start to finish. He spent about 4 hours with me and looked over each item and explained the process. Adrian is friendly, likable, patient, trustworthy, very knowledgeable and was eager to answer all my questions. In no time, I felt like I was in competent, capable hands and felt completely satisfied with the outcome. I would give Adrian 10 stars if I could, and would gladly do business again with him anytime!! Thanks so much, Adrian!

Sarah Bermingham

I bought a beautiful handwoven rug from Adrian through Live Auctioneers. I'm very happy with the purchase and was impressed with the effort he went to have it shipped from Romania to Canada. A great seller who I would be happy to purchase from again.

Daniel Papacostea

We were very satisfied working with Adrian on selling some family antique and vintage pieces. He was very professional, knowledgeable about pricing and as a result the auction went very smooth and satisfying for us. We warmly recommend him to anybody who wants to sell treasures in a timely manner at the most fair prices

Sabrina Acatrinei

After we walked away from our home and possessions - Adrian and Alice did the rest. From advertising to photographing to marketing to handling calls - perfect from start to finish. They organized our things (everything from cars, appliances, furniture, jewelry, and trinkets). In addition to managing our estate sale, they coordinated Salvation Army for pickup of unsold items, delivery of large furniture to buyers, and clean up of house to get it ready to show for sale. They are a trusted resource when representing the owners interests in liquidating an estate.

Shawn Smith

Adrian went above and beyond with helping me find some specific items that I was looking for. He responded to all of my emails in a very timely and professional manner which showed his dedication to helping his seller as best he could. This specific estate sale had thousands of items and he was not only able to tell me that they indeed have the items I was looking for but also sent me several pictures. He was more than happy to set them aside for me and make sure I was able to purchase them the day of the sale and had a great attitude. There was a line all the way done the driveway and with Adrian’s help I was the first person paid and able to get out of the others way. Thank you so much Adrian and I look forward to buying from you at many more auctions to come!

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