About Us

Welcome to California Estate Liquidators & Auctioneers!

For over two decades, we have specialized in antiques and rare books online sales. We were also able to provide additional services such as appraisals for Trusts Executors and Estate Attorney. While doing appraisals, we realized how important is to transition ourselves into contemporary and mid-century furniture, fine art, collectibles, jewelry, rugs and more.

As the demand grew, Adrian and Alice opened their first company, family owned, Erlich, Kramer & Associates Antiquarians, LLC and under its umbrella, their first Estate Sales company named California Estate Liquidators. In 2012, the couple founded their second company, Trove Auctioneers whose focus was to provide their customers another channel to sell their estates online.  Eventually, we merged the two companies into one company, that is California Estate Liquidators & Auctioneers and our online site www.estatesliquidators.com. This allows you, our customer, to choose what is best for you: having an Estate Sale on premises or an auction. We will guide you each step on the pros and cons for each alternative.

Our staff has over 63 years combined of experience in appraisals and evaluation and we became very competitive in the marketplace due to our recognized knowledge, trustworthiness, customers service and competitive fees. Our staff attends regular sessions with our peers and is up to date with the latest changes in IRS rules required to know when we liquidate a Trust. So, you can TRUST US and have peace of mind when receiving advice from us!

Additionally, we have a passion for the market. So, we check prices daily at auctions using our advanced technology and when we meet with our clients, even before signing the contract we tell them what can be sold and the approximate value.

Independently of which alternative you choose, the estate remains with you until we sell the estate. Usually, we pay our customers within 2 days or less upon completion of the liquidation. For auctions, we pay our customers within 7 business days or sooner.

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